WHAT: The Institute for Enrollment Management is a trusted forum of national leaders fostering engaged re-thinking of enrollment management policy and practice. The Institute’s activities are framed around five Pillars of Focus: access, affordability, accountability, sustainability, and differentiation.

Audience at the conference hall.

WHY: An expanded view of enrollment management is already emerging in practice as social media, online learning, data analytics, and smart technologies are embraced across college campuses. New tools and communities for recruiting are changing the enrollment management paradigm. Online learning and teaching are redefining knowledge creation and dissemination. And students are moving in, out of and across relationships that transcend familiar boundaries – making it even harder to imagine tomorrow’s “enrollment” let alone leading those “managing” it.

The Institute was founded in response to the increasing need for thought leadership around enrollment management policy and practice during a period of unprecedented change in higher education. This trusted forum allows higher education leaders to discover the implications and impact of emerging trends and technologies on enrollment management while working with those developing them to directly influence their evolution.

WHO: The Institute is sponsored by FolderWave, Inc., which, in the spirit of transparency, has stipulated that the activities and agenda of the Institute be guided by the Institute Advisory Board. FolderWave is a cloud-based company offering tools and services to colleges and universities designed to significantly improve complex, high-volume, time-dependent process and data management operations in many areas, including inquiry and application processing, undergraduate and graduate admissions, financial aid processing, transcripts, academic and alumni records, contract and grant administration, and integrated CRM solutions.

HOW: The Institute will provide guiding insights and informed strategy through its annual conference, webinars, newsletter, website content, and a members’ forum.